RPTree 2015: Rise of the Yeti

To light up this holiday season, RP3 built a little virtual magic. The agency made gifts to three amazing DC area non-profits—Junior Achievement, Children’s National Health System and the Washington Area Women’s Foundation—on behalf of our clients, friends and colleagues. All they had to do was choose which organization to support. And that’s where the magic began, because RP3 also distributed Google Cardboard headsets that turned the donation process into a whimsical virtual reality experience called RPTree.

To play, simply visit rp3agency.com/vr on a mobile phone, and slide the phone into the cardboard viewer. You'll enter a 360-degree winter wonderland full of trees and each non-profit’s logo in order to direct the donation. While there, you can explore the 3D landscape and experience the exciting possibilities of this new technology. But beware, this virtual forest is inhabited by Yetis who are itching for a snowball fight!